About Us

The first 1,000 days are the most important days in a child’s life.

General Information and Communication

Teddy Bear Daycare & Preschool was opened in the summer of 1984, as a way for Beth Fryer (Owner and Administrator), to contribute to her family income while having companions for her children to play with. What started to be a short-term job has turned into a lifelong, amazing profession, and a preschool to nurture many families in our community.

We are very proud to be able to offer three beautiful, well-equipped facilities for your child(ren). Our program is fortunate to have large indoor, child-friendly atmospheres and outdoor classrooms that connect children with nature. We believe that true learning is best when experienced in a “hands-on way.” Our beautiful environments include ample outdoor space with an abundance of natural elements that the children use to enrich their day. We have beautiful garden beds that the children maintain as well as a large raised bed garden area that supplies us with fresh vegetables. We are committed to making and serving whole, fresh foods.

Teddy Bear Daycare & Preschool is licensed as a childcare center allowing between fifty-one and seventy-two children depending on the location. We attend workshops, conferences, and hold trainings to further our experience in early childhood education to better care for your children.

Teddy Bear Daycare & Preschool is a nature-based, child-driven, play-based program that focuses on hands-on learning in a natural setting. We believe children learn best while experiencing their environment and learning from the world around them. We believe that the environment is also a teacher.

We have simple expectations and rules at our school that children learn to follow as they interact with others. The three rules are: keep our school safe (including teachers), our bodies safe, and our friends safe. Almost any kind of behavior falls within one of these expectations. We never expect children to come in knowing them, but will provide appropriate learning experiences, so that they are able to understand and follow them.

Our belief has always been that our program provides children with a safe, engaging, and exciting environment that children are free to learn and grow at their own pace. We honor and respect each other’s differences and desire to interact together in a happy and engaging way. Beth Fryer is the owner/licensee of the program. She has over 30 years of experience working with children in preschool as well as their families. She holds a Child Development Credential (CDA). Anna Fryer is our Multi-Site Director/Supervisor. She joined our team in September of 2014. She has a Master’s in Early Childhood Education, specializing in Family and Community Partnership. Molly Porter is our Multi-Site Coordinator, who joined our team in May of 2018. Molly has hopes to continue her education in Early Childhood Education. We all attend several Early Childhood Conferences each year to continue to learn about our ever-changing profession. We are also members of MIAEYC (Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children).

We will distribute a quarterly newsletter as well as a breakfast/snack menu. Unlike other schools, we will provide a recap in our newsletters, rather than the upcoming. You will however receive notices of important dates in advance. We are available for a personal conference at your request, but please feel free to call to discuss your child at any time.

Our Philosophy

At Teddy Bear Daycare & Preschool, we know how important the emotional and social development of your child is. Each child is a unique individual and we strive to provide an environment that focuses on the whole child development.

Your child’s day will be filled with many educational activities that will stimulate them not only socially, but intellectually, emotionally, and physically as well. We strive to have a balance of preschool activities along with many life lessons. Our feeling is that children learn and grow through play, so we leave plenty of time in our day for “intentional teaching play”. Your child will learn the importance of cooperation, sharing, understanding their feelings, balancing the needs of others in interactive settings, self-confidence, and respect for themselves as well as their surroundings.

The children in our care will enter kindergarten with a substantial foundation to begin their school journey. However, higher on the priority ladder is self-awareness, willingness to take reasonable risks, interest in experimentation, natural curiosity, and positive self-esteem. We strive to develop a sense of wonder in each child.

Our care is an extension of your home and we strive to work together with you to promote the healthy growth of your child during the special years of early childhood with continuity and trust.


Communication is a very important part of your child’s early childhood education. At Teddy Bear, our teachers understand the importance of greeting each
child and their families immediately upon arrival, as the first five seconds of their day are the most impressionable. We use many communication tools here at Teddy Bear. We will send out quarterly newsletters, emails, and use an online app called BrightWheel. The newsletters will reflect what the children have learned and provide reminders and updates to pertinent information within the center. Emails can also be an immediate form of communication about your child, special events, or any other information you may need. Please send any financial and/or schedule changes directly to the Gmail account, or via BrightWheel for a quicker response. BrightWheel is an app that provides a full “real-time” snapshot of your child’s day including diapering and toileting, meals, nap times, and behavioral habits. It also has many features that allow the center to obtain child information including their name, birthdate, approved pick-ups, emergency numbers, immunizations, etc. You will be provided with an email invite to the app and have communication throughout each day with your child’s teacher.

Family Participation

At Teddy Bear, we value the partnerships we have with families and the community. We acknowledge that parents are the expert on their child. You are encouraged to visit your child’s classroom. Teddy Bear takes pride in spreading our passion with both your family and the community. You are always welcome to ask questions and provide us with your comments and/or concerns about the classroom, staff, and environment.

Visitors, Volunteers, and Guests

Visitors (16 years of age or older), guests, and volunteers are required to stop in the office to sign in and out in a log. Persons stopping in to visit who are not on the child’s emergency card will not be allowed to enter the classroom unless the parent or guardian has informed the center director. Visitors and guests will never be left alone with children; a staff member will always be present.

All volunteers in the classrooms must follow State Licensing rules, including a self-certification of not being accused of or convicted of child abuse and/or neglect. Volunteers must also be free of any sexual abuse, or be named on the PSOR (sex offender registry). Before a volunteer is unsupervised with children they must meet the same requirements as a caregiver that include background check, fingerprinting, signed policy of abuse/neglect, SIDS/Shaken Baby training (if working with infants/toddlers), TB test, and CPR/First Aid.

Individual Needs

Each child is appreciated for their special qualities. We will work together with the parents and any other agencies that may be involved, to give your child the best care and education possible. We welcome any sort of therapy needed in the school. Parents may choose to meet with the therapist here as well. It is our goal to provide full inclusion and acceptance into our program for children of all abilities.